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Нож boker bowie bo 547 цена купить нож benchmade bone collector folder 15030

Some states will require you to have a Permit in order to possess Throwing knives, Swords and Daggers. We live rural so please be нжо of handleing time.

Heavy black cordura belt sheath. Our expanding range of gear includes camping, hunting, fishing, military and collectable blades from all around the world. Lanyard hole in bkwie. The CO has a long cutting edge and a very sharp, almost a spear point blade, which makes it an ideal all-round hunting and outdoor knife. Еще лайнер идет в торец и без насечок что затрудняет закрывание одной рукой.

The Boker Bowie Boot Knife is a massive 7 3/4 in. stainless steel blade is 1/4 in. thick and features a full tang. Beautiful European walnut handle with lanyard hole meets an "S" style guard. Made in Solingen. Includes Western-style leather sheath. Overall length: 12 5/8 in. This Boker knife isn't just for cutting. Description BO Boker Bowie Standard Boker This full tang Bowie knife features a massive 7 3/4" stainless steel blade which is 1/4" thick. Beautiful European walnut handle with lanyard hole meets an "S" style brass guard. Made in Solingen. With Western-style leather sheath. Specifications. Overall Length: /8". Boker Solingen Germany Stainless Wood Bowie Fixed Blade Sheath Knife in Box - Wood Handles - No Cracks - Very Nice Unused Condition in the Original Box with Leather Sheath - Approx. 12 3/4.

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